• Product Overview:
    Our fire pressurization and pressure stabilizing water supply equipment is a complete set of fire control equipment designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of GB27898.3-2011 Fixed Fire Water Supply Equipment Part 3: Fire Pressure Water Supply Equipment Standard. This equipment is composed of diaphragm pressure tank, fire pump, pressure regulator, electric control cabinet and meter, valve, pipe, base, etc., it is suitable for all fire water supply system.

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Fire-fighting pressurizing and stabilizing water supply equipment

产品概述:我公司生产的消防增压稳压给水设备是严格按照GB27898.3-2011《固定消防给水设备 第3部分:消防增压稳压给水设备》标准要求设计和制造、检验的成套消防设备。该设备是由隔膜式气压罐,消防泵、稳压泵,电控柜以及仪表,阀门,管路,基座等组成,适用于一切消防给水系统。

  • 压力范围: 0.3~1.40 MPa
  • 流量范围: 10~100 L/S
  • 介质温度: ≤80°C
  • 工作压力: ≤2.5 MPa