• Performance and advantages:
    Reliable performance, small change in pressure when running, small floor area, large flow range.
    Scope of application:
    Mainly used in industrial and civil buildings fixed fire protection system (fire hydrant system, automatic sprinkler system and water spray fire extinguishing system, etc.); It can be used for fire fighting water supply system, fire fighting, production and sharing water supply system, construction, municipal, industrial and mining water supply and drainage, boiler water supply and so on.

  • 规格参数

  • 包装

XBD-L Vertical single stage fire pump unit


  • 压力范围: 0.3~1.6 MPa
  • 流量范围: 1~200 L/S
  • 介质温度: ≤80°C
  • 工作压力: ≤2.5 MPa