• Performance and Benefits:
    Compact structure, small volume, small noise, energy-saving effect, easy maintenance.

    Scope of application:
    Applicable to discharge of waste water per enterprise. Municipal sewage treatment plant discharge system. Subway, basement, civil air defense drainage station. Hospital, hotel, high-rise building sewage discharge. A sewage pumping station in a residential area. The discharge of dilute mud from municipal works, construction sites.

  • 规格参数

  • 包装

YW Double pipe submerged pump


  • PH值: 5~9
  • 介质密度: ≤1200kg/m
  • 扬程范围: 5~60m
  • 压力范围: ≤1.0MPa
  • 流量范围: 5~100 m³/h
  • 介质温度: ≤60℃